Voice Local is our signature ghost voicemail service that DOES NOT RING your prospects phone, but LEAVES THEM A VOICEMAIL. Think of it as sending a text message… but with a voicemail.

Enable your sales team to be 300% more effective by only receiving returned calls & voicemails from interested prospects. Do any of these describe your team?

  • Hate Cold Calling

  • Tired of Rejection

  • Have Trouble Picking Up the Phone

  • Need help “playing the numbers”

  • Not enough hours in the day

  • Need to Turn Cold Calls into Warm Call Backs

Send Unlimited Voice mails to your call list. Let us do the work with our (DFY) Done For You service. Here are 7 reasons why ringless voice mails work:

1) No phone call is ever made, our cutting edge technology will reach your customer base in a simple yet effective manner

2) Our process is not easily duplicated without manually calling people (which will result in long phone conversations with gate keepers and you will have to manually leave your voicemail)

3) Building your own custom hyper local list is EXTREMELY expensive and time consuming. (we do so quickly and effectively)

4) Use our Scripting to get maximum results. The key to success is the messaging (highest success rate on closing was a voice mail)

5) Done For You

6) Call tracking for ROI reporting

7) We provide your compelling offer to your clients via our  unique voicemail technology



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