Beacon Technology for Tourism

MobileLeadsLocal (MLL) is the perfect traveling companion. In small towns and big metro areas, the MLL app connects tourists and residents to everything that’s going on around them, no map required. With MobileLeadsLocal beacon technology provides visitors more than a birds eye view of any city.

Now, for the first time, tourists know whenever they’re nearby a special location and provides a personal experience with:

  • Landmarks
  • Recreational areas
  • Beaches
  • Buildings
  • Trails
  • Historical locations
  • Transit stops
  • Museums
  • Parks
  • Concerts
  • Stadiums
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Or other vistas that make your city unique. MobileLeadsLocal beacons are inexpensive and come with a full CMS that connects with existing tourism software and APIs.

Beacon Technology for Retail

MobileLeadsLocal beacon technology helps retailers, franchisees, and small businesses offer greater convenience for their customers while increasing loyalty and collecting valuable operational analytics. Using inexpensive Bluetooth LE proximity devices, retailers can manage location-based information services in the same way that GPS and geo-location works in the open air but with much greater precision. And while many companies trying to silo the power of this technology for themselves, MobileLeadsLocal is the first beacon technology company to let retailers become part of a large social discovery network.

Think of MobileLeadsLocal as a browser of beacons – powered by an easy-to-use content selector that delivers notifications, offers, loyalty incentives, product videos, social media connections, and more. Using this method, retailers can easily share, repurpose, and change content instantly based on which messages are most important and critical at that moment. And now that Apple Passbook can recognize beacon locations, retailers can remind their customers about saved coupons as they’re checking out.

Retailers can setup and install MobileLeadsLocal beacons in about 30 seconds:

  • No expensive app development required.
  • Just point the free app’s QR code scanner at a new MobileLeadsLocal beacon.
  • Select a content type, and it’s ready to send messages to customers.

On the MobileLeadsLocal network, beacons aren’t bound to a single user or a single message. Instead, our many-to-many architecture lets retailers control the delivery of messages based on time of day, inventory, and consumer preferences. MobileLeadsLocal is the only beacon service that provides both web and mobile-based access to this content for easy updates. A fully deployed set of beacons in a large retail location is like a small media network. They can be managed centrally, or they can be controlled by manufacturers or vendors as a way to push time-sensitive messages instantly.

Benefits of MobileLeadsLocal Beacons

  • 30-second setup from out of the box to broadcasting messages to the mobile app.
  • Inexpensive to deploy with long life in both battery and AC powered form.
  • Simplified content selector makes it easy to control messages sent by each beacon.
  • Easy to use APIs for integrating third-party content.
  • Integration into retailers own app with an available SDK!
  • Flexible content options including notifications, links to specialized pages, social media, Apple Passbook, phone, email, text messaging, video, photos, and more.
  • A robust analytics suite including valuable “traffic heat maps” to track usage, message targeting, and revenue.

Thinking Creatively to Improve the Retail Experience

There are many interesting ways to deploy MobileLeadsLocal beacons in retail locations. Discounts and offers are just the beginning. MobileLeadsLocal is about tuning in to everything that’s going on around you – right now. Here are just a few creative ways MobileLeadsLocal beacons can be leveraged:

  • Product demonstration and installation videos that customers can open when they get home.
  • Automated loyalty programs triggered by beacons.
  • Fun scavenger hunts for customers.
  • Triggering customer surveys after checkout.
  • Instant job applications through text messages.