How to Get 90% More 5 Star Reviews Fast

As a smart business owner, you already know why you need to have fresh
new positive customer reviews coming in on a regular basis, but probably
wonder how you can actually make that happen.
It makes sense that a five star rating is more attractive than a four star
rating, and that four stars are more attractive than three stars, and so on.
And this has a huge impact on your business, and more importantly your
Bottom Line.
92% percent of consumers will use a local business if it has a four star
rating, and seventy two percent of your prospects will use your business if
you have three stars.
However, only twenty seven percent will use a local business with a two star
rating, while just thirteen percent will try a company with a one star rating.
That means a business with four stars will generate three and a half times as
many new customers as one with two stars.
Our Reputation Local service shows you how to automate the entire review getting process for your business, get started or contact us today for additional information 941.254.2752

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